Heavy Hitters

Black Men

Battle Rap


HEAVY HITTERS is a documentary about 5 Black men in DC using battle rap as a means to improve their futures. Plagued by many problems, such as child support, lack of opportunity, and loss, the men in HEAVY HITTERS are heavily involved in the subculture that is the battle rap industry hoping to make it to the top at a time when a close friend is on the path to becoming a household name among battle rap fans. The film intends to humanize young Black men often viewed as thugs and give them a platform to express their views on life as individuals who are often disregarded; highlight the unity of Black men; and show the power of language in an economically marginalized community. HEAVY HITTERS is an insightful look at the process of re-defining the American Dream for some Black men who feel disenfranchised, but are using hip-hop to create a community and succeed on their own terms.

HEAVY HITTERS is the debut feature length film of Vonne and Shanae.

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